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Making Sense of A Tragedy

Posted in Uncategorized by musingbihari on April 7, 2009
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Yesterday, Monday April 6th 2009 was tragic. Dr Lawrence Kutner, shot himself in the head. Small suspicion he was murdered, i say this calls for a guest performance from the Medium lady ? Fans of the popular show, House M.D., were shocked to a 9.5 on the Richter scale. I wonder how many tweets, texts and archaic instant messages went out in the websphere exclaiming, ‘Oh my god, they killed Kutner’. Reminds you of the usual line in South Park, ‘Oh my god they killed Kenny’. The news was especially shocking to me since my other favorite awesome kickass TV hero, Jack Bauer (now awesome and kickass seem oxymorons) is fatally poisoned and ready to meet his maker too once he saves the world (by world i mean good ole USA). So the other awesome characters on House are all stunned and some pissed why Kutner shot himself in the temple.

Anyway, the Kutner mystery is resolved. Kal Penn got suckered in by the Obama administration. No wonder Fox had him shoot his brains off. We love you Fox. There is even an online memorial. I have a feeling Kal Penn didn’t let his colleagues on House know he was leaving for wait who, Barack Hussain Obama, reflecting the mood in the show itself, House is depressed he didn’t see it coming, Taub is pissed off and the rest of just confused in general.

The show ended with an advertisement for NAMI (national alliance on mental illness).

Kal Penn, Mental Illness ??


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